Being Interactive: An Evolutionary Look at E-Commerce

  title={Being Interactive: An Evolutionary Look at E-Commerce},
  author={Munindar P. Singh},
  journal={IEEE Internet Comput.},
Theories of natural evolution may have something to teach us about technology. A theory I find appealing is that of punctuated equilibrium proposed by Gould and Eldredge. Traditional evolutionists such as Darwin envisioned a slow and steady evolution of better adapted creatures. Gould and Eldredge observed that the fossil record doesn't support a belief in steady evolution. Instead, they saw long periods of equilibrium with little activity, separated by short bursts of evolution (hence… Expand
Evolution as Metaphor: A Critical Review of the Use of Evolutionary Concepts in Information Systems and e-Commerce
Many aspects of information systems can be described in terms of evolution. Technologies as well as markets and business models evolve by selection of the best and elimination of weaker ones. ThisExpand
A kind of online power materials supermarket system
New online supermarket system for power materials is proposed in this article, which is based on e-commerce transactions mode, and its system framework is designed, and the effectiveness of the design program in reducing enterprise material distribution, transport, warehousing, actual operation cost is validated by actual project implementation. Expand
Infrastructure for E-Government Web Services
The core of the research is to develop techniques to efficiently access e-government services while preserving citizens' privacy and designed and implemented an infrastructure called Web Digital Government. Expand
Distributed Mutual exlusion Counter for the Web Server
  • Seung-Young Jang
  • Computer Science
  • 2006 International Conference on Hybrid Information Technology
  • 2006
This paper suggests the Distributed Mutual Exclusion Counter (WMEC) algorithm and implements it to solve a problem that is enrolled as a membership at a web system and presents the DMEC algorithm for the web sever system. Expand
The technological trajectory of the automatic identification industry: the application of the systems of innovation (SI) framework for the characterisation and prediction of the auto-ID industry
Traditionally the approach used to analyse technological innovation focused on the application of the techno-economic paradigm with the production function as its foundation. This thesis explores theExpand
Business-Pattern-Evolution Based Service Composition with Flexibility
This approach adds evolutions of business patterns to the template based service composition to generate new business patterns if there is no available appropriate pattern towards user’s request to improve the flexibility. Expand
Requirements for a suite to design e-logistics brokering services in rural areas
It is stated that effective service design can be best done using software toolkits that are tailored to the specific needs for rural areas, and the requirements for such a suite facilitating the design of e-logistics services that meet local user needs are discussed. Expand
A Reference Model for E-Commerce
This paper proposes a six.layers reference model for E-Commerce, including infrastructures, science techniques, elementary services, business strategies, business modes and society environment layer, and some issues on introducing ontology into the reference model are discussed. Expand
Decentralized execution of composite e-services with VINCA micro engine
  • Jing Wang, Yanbo Han
  • Computer Science
  • 2005 IEEE International Conference on Granular Computing
  • 2005
The paper presents the composite e-services description, the decentralized execution model, and the platform for constructing network applications, in the context of FLAME2008 project, with some promising experiment results. Expand


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