Being Flexible: The Voltage-Controllable Activation Gate of Kv Channels

  title={Being Flexible: The Voltage-Controllable Activation Gate of Kv Channels},
  author={Alain J. Labro and Dirk Snyders},
  booktitle={Front. Pharmacol.},
Kv channels form voltage-dependent potassium selective pores in the outer cell membrane and are composed out of four α-subunits, each having six membrane-spanning α-helices (S1-S6). The α-subunits tetramerize such that the S5-S6 pore domains co-assemble into a centrally located K(+) pore which is surrounded by four operational voltage-sensing domains (VSD) that are each formed by the S1-S4 segments. Consequently, each subunit is capable of responding to changes in membrane potential and… CONTINUE READING

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