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Behind the Smile: Voices of Thailand

  title={Behind the Smile: Voices of Thailand},
  author={Sanitsuda Ekachai},
TEFL Tourism: A Phenomenological Examination of the TEFL Teacher in Thailand
Although there is evidence of linkages between the concepts of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and tourism, there has to date been little attention paid to this relationship. This
Thais' Coping with Sociocultural Impacts of Tourism Development
Theravada Buddhism is the religion of Thailand and is acknowledged by a majority of population underpinning the values of the dominant group and tending to effect non-dominant groups. Therefore, it
Socio-cultural changes in Thai beach resorts: a case study of Koh Samui Island, Thailand.
Apart from the obvious and visible effects on the economy and the physical environment, tourism can contribute to social and cultural changes in host societies. Many host communities put their hopes
Activist forest monks, adult learning and the Buddhist environmental movement in Thailand 1
In the tradition of grassroots environmental movements worldwide, activist Buddhist monks in rural Thailand have, since the late 1980s, led a popular movement to protect local forest, water and land
NGOs, advocacy and popular protest: a case study of Thailand
During 1997, many Thai NGOs became involved in anti-government protests at local and national levels as an extension of their advocacy work. The latest and longest protest in Thai history took place
Thai Interpretation of Socio-cultural Impacts of Tourism Development in Beach Resort
Buddhism has played an important role in Thai culture and influence on Thais’ thought. The main principle of Thai Buddhism is to maintain harmony in people’s minds and between people in the society.
Energy poverty: SOS
When the Transnational Meets the Particular: Businesses as Actors of Transnational Governance in a Changing Myanmar
Following five decades of isolation and ruthless military rule, Myanmar authorities started implementing various nominally democratic reforms. In response to these developments Western governments