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Behind the Myth of the Jungle Superman: A Tactical Examination of the Japanese Army's Centrifugal Offensive, 7 December 1941 to 20 May 1942

  title={Behind the Myth of the Jungle Superman: A Tactical Examination of the Japanese Army's Centrifugal Offensive, 7 December 1941 to 20 May 1942},
  author={C P Howard},
Abstract : This thesis studies the successful Japanese Centrifugal Offensive of 1941-42. The Japanese lacked realistic strategic objectives for the offensive, and the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA), which was trained and equipped to fight the Soviet Army on the plains of Manchuria, had neither sufficient logistics structure nor appropriate equipment for a dispersed jungle campaign. Despite these severe strategic and operational failings, IJA tactical units achieved all of their objectives within… 
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The Soldier Must be Trained Not to Fight the Jungle: Preparing the U.S. Army for Future Operations in a Jungle Environment

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Wartime tactical adaptation and operational success : British and Japanese armies in Burma and India, 1941-45

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A Study In Armored Exploitation The Battle of the Slim River : Malaya , 7 January 1942

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nese armored employment in the Pacific war was a dismal tale of small units employed in static or infantry support roles. The Malayan campaign is the one instance in WWII where the Japanese used


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    The US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters
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  • Political Science, Economics
  • 1977
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