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Behind the Masks of Protesters: Unravelling the Motivations and Opportunities for Arab Spring Participation

  title={Behind the Masks of Protesters: Unravelling the Motivations and Opportunities for Arab Spring Participation},
  author={Christine E. Wegner},
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This research analysed a unique large-scale sample of Slovak retail investors. The main aim of the research was to explore the determinants of investment choices in building retirement savings. In


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The Middle East and northern Africa have been thrown into upheaval as socia l movements have grown and taken hold in many of the countries. The role of social networking sites in these recent
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Th e Arab Spring has advanced the prospects for democracy in the region. After years during which any democratic transition seemed implausible in the Arab World, masses across the region have risen
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Abstract This article evaluates the aftermath of the Arab Spring through the dual optic of a regional phenomenon and a series of country narratives. These narratives are categorised by reference
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This chapter aims to review the current knowledge concerning the development of the three ear compartments as well as mechanisms and signaling pathways that have been implicated in the coordination and integration process of the ear.
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