[Behcet's disease: retrospective study].


BACKGROUND Since the criteria for the diagnosis of Behçet's disease was established several isolated cases have been reported to the literature with clinical manifestations associated. We tried to analyze the clinical parameters associated to this disease in 24 patients in our hospital. METHODS A retrospective analysis was made of the patients diagnosed of Behçet's disease at Hospital General of Valencia since 1990 to 2000. The diagnosis of Behçet's disease was made by the criteria of the International Study Group for Behçet disease. Data regarding personal, clinical manifestations and clinical course were collected. RESULTS Of the 24 cases, fourteen (58%) were men and ten (42%) were women. The median of the diagnosed was 33 years. All of them had oral recidivant ulcers. The genital ulcers appeared in twenty (83%) cases. Thirteen cases (54%) had ocular manifestations, and the skin lesions appear in 10 cases (42%). We review other clinical manifestations associated to Behçet disease: articular clinical appear in 17 cases (70%), digestive manifestations in six cases (25%), neurological manifestations three cases (12%), vascular clinical two cases (8%). CONCLUSIONS Our results are similar to the Mediterranean expression of Behçet's disease. We must study the clinical manifestations associated to this disease that are not include in the criteria of diagnosis.

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