Behavioural consequences of partial beak amputation (beak trimming) in poultry.

  title={Behavioural consequences of partial beak amputation (beak trimming) in poultry.},
  author={Ian J. H. Duncan and G S Slee and Elaine Seawright and J. Breward},
  journal={British poultry science},
  volume={30 3},
1. The effects of beak trimming on 16-week-old Brown Leghorn hens, housed individually in battery cages, was assessed by comparing their behaviour after trimming with their behaviour before trimming and with the behaviour of a sham-operated control group. 2. In the short-term, times spent feeding, drinking and preening decreased. 3. In the long-term, times spent preening and pecking at the cage decreased and times spent standing inactive increased, with no signs of returning to pretreatment… CONTINUE READING