Behavioural and functional anatomical correlates of deception in humans.

  title={Behavioural and functional anatomical correlates of deception in humans.},
  author={Sean A. Spence and Tom F. D. Farrow and Amy E Herford and Iain D. Wilkinson and Yiwen Zheng and Peter W. R. Woodruff},
  volume={12 13},
Brain activity in humans telling lies has yet to be elucidated. We developed an objective approach to its investigation, utilizing a computer-based interrogation and fMRI. Interrogatory questions probed recent episodic memory in 30 volunteers studied outside and 10 volunteers studied inside the MR scanner. In a counter-balanced design subjects answered specified questions both truthfully and with lies. Lying was associated with longer response times (p < 0.001) and greater activity in bilateral… CONTINUE READING
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