Behaviour of the hyphae of Laccaria laccata in the presence of Trichoderma harzianum in vitro


The growth rate and the behaviour of Laccaria laccata and Trichoderma harzianum hyphae in co-culture and in the rhizosphere of 3-month-old Pinus sylvestris seedlings grown in vitro were investigated. In the interaction zone, hyphae of L. laccata became more pigmented and formed short branches growing towards the hyphae of the saprobic fungus, coiled around them and penetrated sporadically. Vacuolated hyphae of T. harzianum showed protoplasm granulation and breaks in walls followed by release of protoplasts. In the rhizosphere, the mantle hyphae of L. laccata showed a tendency to surround conidia of T. harzianum. No obvious penetration of the conidial walls by the hyphae of the mycorrhizal fungus was observed by scanning electron microscopy. Instead, in rare cases, the hyphae of L. laccata showed marked wrinkles, and a partial degradation of a mucilaginous material covering the mantle appeared to occur.

DOI: 10.1007/s00572-004-0323-4

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