Behaviour of (14)C-sulfadiazine and (14)C-difloxacin during manure storage.

  title={Behaviour of (14)C-sulfadiazine and (14)C-difloxacin during manure storage.},
  author={Marc Lamshoeft and Premasis Sukul and Sebastian Zuehlke and Michael Spiteller},
  journal={The Science of the total environment},
  volume={408 7},
The persistence of sulfadiazine, difloxacin, and their metabolites has been investigated in stored manure. The manure collected from sulfadiazine ((14)C-SDZ) and difloxacin ((14)C-DIF) treated pigs contained N-acetylsulfadiazine (Ac-SDZ), 4-hydroxy-SDZ (4-OH-SDZ), and sarafloxacin (SARA) as the main metabolites, respectively along with their parent compounds. Manures were stored separately at 10 degrees C and 20 degrees C at various moisture levels. About 96-99% of the radioactivity remained in… CONTINUE READING