Behavioral toxicity of chloral in mice: an approach to evaluation.

  title={Behavioral toxicity of chloral in mice: an approach to evaluation.},
  author={Mary Jeanne Kallman and George L. Kaempf and Robert L. Balster},
  journal={Neurobehavioral toxicology and teratology},
  volume={6 2},
The potential for behavioral toxicity of the water contaminant chloral (CHL) was ascertained from acute, 14 day and 90 days of exposure in adult mice and perinatal exposure. Acute motor incoordination produced by CHL occurred 5 min after gavage and persisted for about 2 hr. The ED50 for acute CHL effects was 84.2 mg/kg, a value less than 1/10th of the acute LD50. Exposure for 14 days to either 14.4 or 144.0 mg/kg/day of CHL by gavage did not produce any deleterious effects on body weight… CONTINUE READING