Behavioral thresholds to electric signals in high frequency electric fish

  title={Behavioral thresholds to electric signals in high frequency electric fish},
  author={Eric I. Knudsen},
  journal={Journal of comparative physiology},
1) The behavioral thresholds ofApteronotus andEigenmannia to imposed sine wave electric fields were measured as a function of stimulus frequency using operant conditioning techniques. 2)Apteronotus responds to a broad range of frequencies. Its threshold—frequency curve is complex, showing three distinct threshold dips at: <5–15 Hz, 0.6–0.9 μV/cm; 200–300 Hz, 0.9 μV/cm; and 700–2200 Hz to 0.2 μV/cm. The high frequency dip itself is bimodal, with a primary minimum at the fish's electric organ… CONTINUE READING
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