Behavioral teratogenicity of methamphetamine.

  title={Behavioral teratogenicity of methamphetamine.},
  author={D H Cho and H M Lyu and Hyung B. Lee and Pu Young Kim and K Chin},
  journal={The Journal of toxicological sciences},
  volume={16 Suppl 1},
Pregnant Wistar rats were given daily subcutaneous administrations of methamphetamine (MAPT; varying doses ranging from 1.0 to 4.5 mg/kg) from days 7 to 20 of gestation and teratogenic effects have been determined. The teratogenic effects inducible with orally administered caffeine (90 mg/kg/day) for the same durations were used as the positive controls. MAPT doses greater than 2.0 mg/kg have suppressed the rate of maternal weight gain. Some of the offsprings (F1) of the prenatal MAPT treated… CONTINUE READING