Behavioral pathways explaining oral health disparity in children.

  title={Behavioral pathways explaining oral health disparity in children.},
  author={X-L Gao and C Y S Hsu and Y C Xu and Teresa Loh and Denise Koh and H. Brian Hwarng},
  journal={Journal of dental research},
  volume={89 9},
Policymakers' understanding of and ability to reduce health disparities are pivotal for health promotion worldwide. This study aimed to verify the behavioral pathways leading to oral health disparities. Oral examinations were conducted for 1782 randomly selected preschoolers (3-6 yrs), and 1576 (88.4%) participants were followed up after 12 months. Parents were surveyed on their knowledge (K), attitude (A), and practices (P) regarding their children's oral health homecare (infant feeding, diet… CONTINUE READING