Behavioral fever and therapy in a rickettsia-infected Orthoptera.

  title={Behavioral fever and therapy in a rickettsia-infected Orthoptera.},
  author={Christos Louis and Michel Jourdan and Michel Cabanac},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={250 6 Pt 2},
Gryllus bimaculatus were infected with an intracellular prokaryote, Rickettsiella grylli, then reared either at fixed temperatures or in a temperature gradient (22-36 degrees C) where they could select the temperature they preferred. Only 50% of the infected insects reared at 28 degrees C or less survived after 20 days, against 75% of those reared at 30 degrees C or more and 90% of those in the temperature gradient. Examination of smears of insect tissue showed that all (100%) of the infected… CONTINUE READING

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