Behavioral correlates of hippocampal type 2 theta in the rat

  title={Behavioral correlates of hippocampal type 2 theta in the rat},
  author={R. Sainsbury and A. Heynen and C. P. Montoya},
  journal={Physiology & Behavior},
  • R. Sainsbury, A. Heynen, C. P. Montoya
  • Published 1987
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Physiology & Behavior
  • Previous research has indicated that there are two types of theta activity which can be recorded from the hippocampus in most rodents. One type (type 1) of theta is correlated with voluntary movements while the second (type 2) occurs during immobility. A third waveform termed LIA (Large Amplitude Irregular Activity) occurs during more automatic behaviors, e.g., grooming, shivering or immobility. In the rabbit and guinea pig type 2 theta can readily be elicited in unrestrained animals. However… CONTINUE READING
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