Behavioral changes in female Swiss mice exposed to tannery effluents

  title={Behavioral changes in female Swiss mice exposed to tannery effluents},
  author={Sabrina Ferreira de Almeida and Let{\'i}cia Martins Rabelo and Joyce Moreira de Souza and Ra{\'i}ssa de Oliveira Ferreira and Abra{\~a}o Guimar{\~a}es and Carla Pereira and Aline Sueli de Lima Rodrigues and Guilherme Malafaia},
Among the anthropic activities generating potentially toxic residues are those involved with bovine hide processing (tannery industries). However, knowledge is scant regarding the damage caused to the health of various organisms by tannery waste and studies are rare, especially in mammalian experimental models. This study therefore aimed to evaluate the physical and behavioral effects of the exposure of female Swiss mice to tannery effluent. To accomplish this, for a period of 15 days the… CONTINUE READING