Behavioral and biochemical alterations in schizophrenic patients.

  title={Behavioral and biochemical alterations in schizophrenic patients.},
  author={J K Spaide and H. Tanimukai and Jo{\~a}o Romildo Bueno and Harold Edwin Himwich},
  journal={Archives of general psychiatry},
  volume={18 6},
IN STUDIES OF 24-hour urine specimens from schizophrenic patients1 it was observed that preceding exacerbations of their paychotic symptoms and throughout the entire period of behavioral worsening increased excretions of indole metabolites occurred. In general, the largest and most consistent increases were in tryptamine whether appearing spontaneously or evoked by methionine with a monoamine oxidase enzyme (MAO) inhibitor. Increases were less with total indole-3-acetic acid and least with 5… CONTINUE READING