Behavioral and autonomic effects of caffeine in normal boys.


Following a 1-week baseline, 19 normal boys (mean age 9.8 +1.8 years) ingested either caffeine (5 mg/kg) or placebo twice a day for a 2-week period per condition in a double-blind crossover study (total study duration of 5 weeks) to study the behavioral, autonomic and side effects of caffeine. Mothers of the whole sample and children who were low caffeine… (More)


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@article{Rapoport1981BehavioralAA, title={Behavioral and autonomic effects of caffeine in normal boys.}, author={J. L. Rapoport and R. Meredith Elkins and Allen P Neims and Thimo Zahn and Charlotte Berg}, journal={Developmental pharmacology and therapeutics}, year={1981}, volume={3 2}, pages={74-82} }