Behavior of polymeric substrates in an aerobic granular sludge system.

  title={Behavior of polymeric substrates in an aerobic granular sludge system.},
  author={Merle K de Kreuk and Naohiro Kishida and Satoshi Tsuneda and Mark C M van Loosdrecht},
  journal={Water research},
  volume={44 20},
Particulate and slowly biodegradable substrates form an important fraction of industrial wastewater and sewage. To study the influence of suspended solids and colloidal substrate on the morphology and performance of aerobic granular sludge, suspended and soluble starch was used as a model substrate. Degradation was studied using microscopy, micro-electrode measurements, batch experiments and long term laboratory scale reactor operation. Starch was removed by adsorption at the granule surface… CONTINUE READING

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