Behavior of hydrophobic ionic liquids as liquid membranes on phenol removal: Experimental study and optimization

  title={Behavior of hydrophobic ionic liquids as liquid membranes on phenol removal: Experimental study and optimization},
  author={Yee Sern Ng and N. S. Jayakumar and Mohd Ali Hashim},

Experimental and modeling study for the removal of formic acid through bulk ionic liquid membrane using response surface methodology

Abstract In this study, formic acid removal from its aqueous solutions through bulk ionic liquid membrane (BILM) was investigated. Tributyl phosphate (TBP) as a carrier in imidazolium-based ionic

Extraction of phenolic pollutants from industrial wastewater using a bulk ionic liquid membrane technique

This study has analyzed the abilities of ionic liquids as pure solvents as well as their binary mixtures, to recover phenolic compounds from the industrial wastewater and shows that the binary mixture ionic liquid (BMIL) membrane is a better choice than single ionic Liquid (SIL) membranes.

The Investigation of Adsorption Behaviors of Nine Ionic Liquid-Immobilized Silicas on Two Phenols in Water and Soil samples

An experimental study on adsorption of phenol and o-cresol using ionic liquid-immobilized silica contained different functional groups was carried out. The effects of various operating parameters

Absorption of Hydrophobic Volatile Organic Compounds in Ionic Liquids and Their Biodegradation in Multiphase Systems

Performance improvements may be expected from the tailoring of ionic liquid structure, especially towards toxicity reduction, and positive results recorded after cell acclimation to target compounds let expect an important gain from more complex acclimated strategies, including microbial acclimations to both ionic liquids and pollutants.



Extraction of organic compounds with room temperature ionic liquids.

Biocatalysis in ionic liquids - advantages beyond green technology.

Extraction of Co(II) from aqueous solution using emulsion liquid membrane.