Behavior Based Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Support Vector Machines

  title={Behavior Based Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Support Vector Machines},
  author={V. Dheepa and R. Dhanapal},
  booktitle={Soft Computing Models in Industrial and Environmental Applications},
Along with the great increase of internet and e-commerce, the use of credit card is an unavoidable one. Due to the increase of credit card usage, the frauds associated with this have also increased. There are a lot of approaches used to detect the frauds. In this paper, behavior based classification approach using Support Vector Machines are employed and efficient feature extraction method also adopted. If any discrepancies occur in the behaviors transaction pattern then it is predicted as… 

Fraud Detection in Credit Card and Application of VAT Clustering Algorithm: A Review

The application of VAT algorithm as a clustering algorithm to improve on the limitations of credit card detection methods is proposed.

A Review of Machine Learning Algorithms for Fraud Detection in Credit Card Transaction

Methods such as Artificial Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, naïve Bayesian, k-Nearest Neighbour, Decision Tree and Frequent Pattern Mining algorithms are reviewed and evaluated for their performance in detecting fraudulent transaction.

Intelligent fraudulent detection system based SVM and optimized by danger theory

  • Isha RajakK. Mathai
  • Computer Science
    2015 International Conference on Computer, Communication and Control (IC4)
  • 2015
The authors present the underlying theory of a hybrid model of an Intelligent Fraudulent Detection System to detect fraud in credit card transaction processing by the fusion of Danger theory and Support Vector Machine (SVM).

Credit Card Fraud Detection with Resampling Techniques

A comparative study on various supervised machine learning algorithm's performance for identifying fraudulent transactions by handling a highly imbalanced data-set by applying sampling techniques and work with a new approach in solving the problem for better results is delivered.

A bio-inspired credit card fraud detection model based on user behavior analysis suitable for business management in electronic banking

  • S. Darwish
  • Computer Science
    J. Ambient Intell. Humaniz. Comput.
  • 2020
Experimental findings show that the suggested model can improve the precision of ranking against the danger of suspect operations and provide higher accuracy relative to traditional techniques.

An intelligent credit card fraud detection approach based on semantic fusion of two classifiers

Experimental results indicate that the proposed model can enhance the classification accuracy against the risk coming from suspicious transactions, and gives higher accuracy compared to traditional methods.

Fraudulent Transactions Detection in Credit Card by using Data Mining Methods: A Review

The comparative study of techniques to uncover and detect the ways of fraud by following machine learning (ML) methods like Random Forest (RF), Deep Learning (DL), Support Vector Machine (SVM), Hybrid Methods (HM), and Decision Tree (DT) is shown.

A new credit card fraud detecting method based on behavior certificate

A new credit card fraud detection system (FDS) based on behavior certificate (BC) which reflects cardholders' transaction habits which shows the effectiveness of the proposed method.

A Survey of Online Card Payment Fraud Detection using Data Mining-based Methods

A taxonomy based on a review of existing research attempts and experiments is proposed, which mainly elaborates the approaches taken by researchers to incorporate the business impact of fraud (and fraud detection) into their work.

A Comprehensive Survey on Machine Learning Techniques and User Authentication Approaches for Credit Card Fraud Detection

A survey of current techniques most relevant to the problem of credit card fraud detection and reviews more advanced techniques of user authentication, which use behavioral biometrics to identify an individual based on his/her unique behavior while he/she is interacting with his/she electronic devices.



Neural data mining for credit card fraud detection

  • Tao GuoGuiyang Li
  • Computer Science
    2008 International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics
  • 2008
This paper shows how confidence value, neural network algorithm and ROC can be combined successfully to perform credit card fraud detection.

Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Hidden Markov Model

This paper model the sequence of operations in credit card transaction processing using a hidden Markov model (HMM) and shows how it can be used for the detection of frauds and compares it with other techniques available in the literature.

Detecting Credit Card Fraud by Using Questionnaire-Responded Transaction Model Based on Support Vector Machines

Results from this study show that the proposed method can effectively detect the credit card fraud.

Research on Credit Card Fraud Detection Model Based on Distance Sum

  • Wenfang YuNa Wang
  • Computer Science
    2009 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  • 2009
Experiments show that this model using outlier detection based on distance sum according to the infrequency and unconventionality of fraud in credit card transaction data, applying outlier mining into credit card fraud detection is feasible and accurate.

Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Self-Organizing Maps

An automated credit card fraud detection system based on the neural network technology is presented, using the Self-Organizing Map algorithm to create a model of typical cardholder’s behavior and to analyze the deviation of transactions, thus finding suspicious transactions.

Behavior-Based Credit Card Fraud Detecting Model

A credit card fraud detecting model is established based on the behavior patterns of the credit card holder, different with traditional models which were based on demographic and economic information.

Towards Fraud Detection Methodologies

  • Tareq Z. AllanJ. Zhan
  • Computer Science
    2010 5th International Conference on Future Information Technology
  • 2010
This paper aims to provide a comprehensive survey of the statistical methods applied to banking and financial fraud detection, with focuses on classifying fraudulent behaviors, identifying the major sources and characteristics of the data based on which fraud detection has been conducted, and discussing the key steps in data preprocessing.

CARDWATCH: a neural network based database mining system for credit card fraud detection

CardWATCH, a database mining system used for credit card fraud detection, is presented and test results obtained for synthetically generated credit card data and an autoassociate neural network model show very successful fraud detection rates.

A Web services-based collaborative scheme for credit card fraud detection

With the proposed scheme, participant banks can share the knowledge about fraud patterns in a heterogeneous and distributed environment and further enhance their fraud detection capability and reduce financial loss.