Behavior, Cortical Ectopias, and Autoimmunity in BXSB-Yaa and BXSB-Yaa+ Mice

  title={Behavior, Cortical Ectopias, and Autoimmunity in BXSB-Yaa and BXSB-Yaa+ Mice},
  author={L. Schrott and N. Waters and G. Boehm and G. Sherman and V. Denenberg},
  journal={Brain, Behavior, and Immunity},
The BXSB-Yaa recombinant inbred strain was created by crossing a male SB/Le with a female C57BL/6J. A Y chromosome factor derived from the SB/Le male, known as the autoimmune accelerator (Yaa), leads to an earlier onset and greater severity of autoimmune disease in males. In contrast, male BXSB mice, which lack the Yaa gene (called BXSB-Yaa+) because their Y chromosome is derived from the C57BL/6J, do not develop an autoimmune condition. To examine the influence of the Y chromosome on behavior… Expand
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