Behandlung der okulären Chlamydieninfektion : Tetracycline und Norfloxacin im Vergleich

  title={Behandlung der okul{\"a}ren Chlamydieninfektion : Tetracycline und Norfloxacin im Vergleich},
  author={V. Huber-Spitzy and E. Arocker-Mettinger and L. Steurer-Georgiew and M. Schiffb{\"a}nker},
The unilateral follicular conjunctivitis with corneal marginal infiltrates represents a clinical picture typical for two different types of bacteria: chlamydiae may cause a keratoconjunctivitis always combined with urethritis or kolpitis; on the other hand staphylococci may be the reason for the same clinical features, whereas the marginal corneal infiltrates are caused in these cases by immunological reactions to the bacterial toxins. After harvesting material for bacterial investigations or… Expand