Behçet's disease in India: a clinical, immunological, immunogenetic and outcome study.


The clinical and laboratory profile of 58 consecutive patients satisfying the ISG 1990 criteria for the diagnosis of Behçet's disease was analysed. It appears that Behçet's disease in India is predominantly 'mucocutaneous' and 'arthritic'; 'ocular' and 'neuro' Behçet's being uncommon. In comparison to published literature, the onset of disease in this part of the world is significantly delayed. The pathergy test is rarely positive. There is no significant difference in clinical presentation and laboratory investigations between children and adults with this disease; also, no sex difference was observed. A combination of oral steroids and colchicine gives good relief in most cases. Preliminary observations seem to reflect no definite association of any known class I antigen to disease in this part of the world. A detailed study on immunogenetics is underway.

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