Before the curtain falls: endocrine-active pesticides--a German contamination legacy.

  title={Before the curtain falls: endocrine-active pesticides--a German contamination legacy.},
  author={Ulrike Schulte-Oehlmann and J{\"o}rg Oehlmann and F. Keil},
  journal={Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology},
The European Parliament recently approved a new EU regulation aimed at eliminating the use of pesticides that have unwanted endocrine-disrupting properties. The test criteria for these chemicals are slated to be finalized by 2013. For this reason, in this review, we have evaluated the meta data of lists and databanks that address pesticides with potentially endocrine-disrupting properties, and have checked which of the 250 active ingredients currently in use in Germany are affected. Azoles… 
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The daily intake of DTCs was reduced by washing with water and peeling significantly, but, because the entrance of fungicides into the human body by other commodities, these daily intakes are considerable.
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Results indicate marked systemic organ toxicity in rats after subacute exposure to thiodicarb, a carbamate pesticide widely used on crops.
Bentazone in water and human urine in Wuhan, central China: exposure assessment
  • Pei Wang, M. Cao, W. Xia
  • Environmental Science
    Environmental Science and Pollution Research
  • 2021
Bentazone is a widely used post-emergence herbicide, while no data was available on its concentrations in tap water from China and in urine among the general population, for the first time it was determined in the source, treated, and tap water in different seasons in Wuhan, central China.
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Endocrine disrupting pesticides: implications for risk assessment.
Point- and nonpoint-source pesticide contamination in the Zwester Ohm catchment, Germany.
The study points out that the influence of CSO on PSP should be taken into account in future catchment studies in areas with comparable agricultural structure, and no significant interdependencies between intrinsic properties of the pesticides, hydrometeorological factors, and the loads occurring in the stream could be found.
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Input pathways and river load of pesticides in Germany--a national scale modeling assessment.
  • M. Bach, A. Huber, H. Frede
  • Engineering, Environmental Science
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A comparison of the measured river loads with the modeled inputs from non-point sources leads to the conclusion that in most regions of Germany the largest portion of the load is due to the input from farm effluents.
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Gewässerbelastung durch Pflanzenschutzmittel in drei Einzugsgebieten
Measurements in three rural sewage plants in Hesse (central Germany) have shown, that in the outflow loads of pesticides used in agriculture increased with growing pesticide use and those of non-agricultural pesticides increased as a function of urbanized area.
Warenkorb für das Lebensmittel-Monitoring in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Darüber hinaus soll das Lebensmittel-Monitoring längerfristig dazu dienen, zeitliche Trends in der Belastung von Lebensmitteln aufzuzeigen und eine ausreichende Datenbasis zu schaffen, um