Before the High Court: the legal systematics of Cannabis

  title={Before the High Court: the legal systematics of Cannabis},
  author={Jocelyn Bosse},
  journal={Griffith Law Review},
  pages={302 - 329}
  • J. Bosse
  • Published 2 April 2020
  • Law
  • Griffith Law Review
ABSTRACT This article examines the history of a legal-scientific controversy: the challenges to criminal prohibitions on marijuana, which invoked contested scientific views of the taxonomy of the cannabis plant. Facing prosecution in the 1970s, numerous defendants raised the ‘botanical defence’, an argument that relied on the expert testimony of scientists to dispute the classification and nomenclature of genus Cannabis. This article analyses judicial opinions from the three nations where the… 


The forensic taxonomic debate on Cannabis: semantic hokum.
  • E. Small
  • Biology
    Journal of forensic sciences
  • 1976
The claim that there are legal species of Cannabis merely amounts to a semantic ploy in which certain of the variants of Cannabis that have customarily been understood to be denoted by the species name C. sativa are simply arbitrarily redefined as different species.
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