Before Bizonia

  title={Before Bizonia},
  author={Robert W. Carden},
  journal={Journal of Contemporary History},
  pages={535 - 555}
  • R. Carden
  • Published 1 July 1979
  • History, Economics
  • Journal of Contemporary History
Harrison E. Salisbury, the noted foreign correspondent, wrote in his Epilogue to Alexander Werth's final book on post-war Russia: 'There is no period of time more essential to our understanding of the late twentieth-century world than the murky, fear-ridden, suspicious, power-haunted early post-war years and their reflection in the policies of the United States and the Soviet Union.'1 This essay looks into the 'murky' era from the point of view of one major member of the wartime Grand Alliance… 
The British Model: Institutional Reform and Occupied Japan
THEY order these things differently in England. Such comment on the relevance of the British political and economic experience to postsurrender Japan has been overlooked by students of the occupation
Dilemmas of decline, risks of rise : the systemic and military sources of rising state strategy towards declining great powers
What explains variation in relatively rising state strategy towards declining great powers? This project develops and tests a theory of state strategy vis-a-vis declining great powers, termed Realist
Trading with the enemy? The flow of scrap between Britain and Germany from pre-war rearmament to post-war reconstruction
Abstract Ferrous scrap is a vital ingredient in the manufacture of steel, and it constitutes a strategic material of the greatest significance in modern warfare. During the late 1930s, Britain
German prisoners of war in Britain, 1940-1948 : policy and performance
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Decision in Germany
letter to Eden, fn.n 3 supra . A good summary of Foreign Service reform in this period can be found in the British Zone Review of
    Constitution and Functions of the German Economic Administration for the British Zone' in Military Government Gazette
    • Germany and Austria
    • 1945
    See comments by Richard Law and Harold Macmillan for example
    • Hereinafter referred to as Parl. Deb., Commons . 53
    Brockway, a left-wing British journalist, overheard this description on 6
      The hectare is a metric unit of area equal to 100 ares, or 10,000 square meters. One hectare is equivalent
      • Germany Under Direct Controls: Economic Aspects of Industrial Disarmament
      • 1964
      An influential book which described living conditions for Germans in the British Zone was written and published at this time in the United Kingdom by the noted left-wing publisher Victor Gollancz
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