Beefing Up End User Development: Legal Protection and Regulatory Compliance

  title={Beefing Up End User Development: Legal Protection and Regulatory Compliance},
  author={Patrick Kierkegaard},
The integral nature of IT to business processes means that every organization relies on technology to help manage the workflow, encourage innovation and maintain information flows. Agility has come in the form of end -user development, which allows users who do not have background in programming to develop or modify their own applications. Changes exist when users develop their own systems, creating a potential legal minefield. Many of the legal issues relate to copyright infringement and… 

End-user adaptable rehabilitation technology

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From the Editor: The Dangers of End-User Programming

The lack of real understanding about software development by end-user programmers poses a danger to stakeholders associated with mission-critical systems from the standpoints of both correctness and security.

The Dangers of End-User Programming

Ten years ago, few would have anticipated that a hacker’s arrest would make the front page of major newspapers around the world.