Beef tenderness and sarcomere length.

  title={Beef tenderness and sarcomere length.},
  author={Frans J. M. Smulders and Billie B Marsh and Darl R. Swartz and Rosalind L Russell and M E Hoenecke},
  journal={Meat science},
  volume={28 4},
A wide range of muscle glycolytic rates was produced in 60 beef carcasses by applying different forms and periods of electrical stimulation immediately after decapitation; a further seven carcasses were not stimulated. The sides were subjected to normal chilling, and at 48 h one short loin per carcass was taken for tenderness evaluation and determination of sarcomere length (SL). In the 19 relatively slow-glycolysing loins-those of 3-h pH (pH(3)) above 6·3-tenderness extended over almost five… CONTINUE READING