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Beef Cattle Production Systems, Marketing and Constraints in Ethiopia

  title={Beef Cattle Production Systems, Marketing and Constraints in Ethiopia},
  author={Matawork Milkias Gobena},
  journal={Journal of Marketing and Consumer Research},
This review studies the beef cattle production systems, marketing and constraints with the aim of delivering summarized and the most important information for the producers. The agricultural  sector  plays  an  important  role  in  the  overall  development  of  the  economy  of Ethiopia.  The  sector plays a major role in the national economy and it is the  source  of  income  and  employment  for  the  rural  population. The annual contribution of ruminants to meat production in Ethiopia is… 
Opportunities and Challenges for Pastoral Beef Cattle Production in Ethiopia
The beef cattle production sector plays a crucial role in the livelihoods of pastoral farmers in Ethiopia, and it is the main source of beef animals for domestic and foreign markets. As compared to
Beef cattle fattening practices, constraints and future potentials in Ethiopia: a review
Cattle are one of the main livestock production components in Ethiopia wherein 70 % of its populations are engaging in traditional cattle production. Next to coffee export, cattle substantially
Assessment of Beef Cattle Production and Marketing Practice in Eastern Oromia, Ethiopia
A cross sectional study was conducted with the objectives to assessing beef cattle production and trading system in eastern Oromia.  Structured questionnaire and a onetime observation were conducted
Review on Live Animal and Meat Value Chain in Ethiopia: Challenges, Opportunities and Intervention Strategies
  • J. Ahmed
  • Economics
    Industrial Engineering Letters
  • 2019
Livestock and meat products are among the fastest growing components of the global agriculture and food industry and one of a few agricultural commodities in Ethiopia from which the country earn
Meat quality status and postharvest handling practices along the meat value chain in Kenya
The study showed poor handling of meat which poses risks to consumers and indicates that over 50% of the meat handlers in slaughterhouses and butcheries have not received any formal training in good hygiene practices for meat handling.
Evaluation of Substitution of Noug Seed Cake with Pigeon Pea Dried Leaves as a Supplement Feed in Fattening Oxen Based on Teff Straw Basal Diet at Haik Agricultural Research Sub-Center, Ethiopia
The experiment was conducted to evaluate substitution of noug seed cake with dried pigeon pea leaves on feed intake and weight gain of local old oxen. A total of 25 local old oxen (Bos indicus) with
Growth curves of carcass traits obtained by ultrasonography in three lines of Nellore cattle selected for body weight.
Selecting for postweaning weight was effective in altering growth curves, resulting in animals with higher growth potential and higher growth rates than control line animals for all traits.


Feeding Strategies, Challenge and Marketing of Beef Cattle in North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia
There are three beef cattle production systems practiced in Ethiopia. These are traditional, by-product and Hararge region production systems. There is no strategic production of livestock for
Assessment of cattle fattening and marketing system and constraints affecting cattle fattening in Central Southern Region of Ethiopia
The results showed that age of fattening oxen was very old and most of the feed resources were locally available, however, further work is needed to develop a cost effective feeding strategy by combining improved and locally available feed resources.
Input supply system and services for market-oriented livestock production in Ethiopia
Livestock production in Ethiopia has, for long, remained subsistence with limited marketorientation and poor institutional support. Farmers and pastoralists produce and keep animals for various valid
Traditional cattle production in the highlands of Hararge: Case study for East and West Zones of the high lands of Harerge, Eastern Ethiopia
The survey was conducted to characterize cattle production system in two zones of Harerge high lands eastern Ethiopia. In the survey structured questionnaire was used to collect from 120 households.
Assessment of commercial feedlot finishing practices at eastern Shoa, Ethiopia.
This study was conducted to characterize and identify husbandry practice and major constraints of commercial feedlot industries in the study area. Forty eight commercial feedlot farms were used to
Livestock marketing in Ethiopia: A review of structure, performance and development initiatives
Ayele Solomon, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), P.O. Box 5689, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Assegid Workalemahu, ILRI, P.O. Box 5689, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia M.A. Jabbar, ILRI, P.O. Box
Beef cattle production system and opportunities for market orientation in Borena Zone, Southern Ethiopia
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Studies on cattle milk and meat production in Fogera Woreda: production systems, constraints and opportunities for development
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