Beds's Northumbrian dates again

  title={Beds's Northumbrian dates again},
  author={Susan E. Wood},
  journal={The English Historical Review},
  • S. Wood
  • Published 1 April 1983
  • History
  • The English Historical Review

How an Early Medieval Historian Worked: Methodology and Sources in Bede's Narrative of the Gregorian Mission to Kent

This dissertation examines the methods and sources employed by Bede in the construction of his account of the Gregorian mission, thereby providing an insight into how an early medieval historian

How Coifi Pierced Christ's Side: A Re-Examination of Bede's Ecclesiastical History, II, Chapter 13

This paper adopts an exegetical approach to Bede's narrative of the conversion of King Edwin of Northumbria in the Historia ecclesiastica ii. 9–14. HE ii. 12–13, which is loosely based on passages in

Locating Ingetlingum and Suthgedling: Gilling West and Gilling East

This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Northern History on September 2009, available online: doi:10.1179/174587009X452369

Unpicking the web: the divorce of Ecgfrith and Æthelthryth

The concept of a woman who is a ‘peace-weaver’ is known chiefly from Anglo-Saxon literature, yet is also a role that must have been reflected in the actual marriage alliances among the Anglo-Saxon

Paganism in Conversion-Age Anglo-Saxon England: The Evidence of Bede's Ecclesiastical History Reconsidered

This article argues that the current understanding of English paganism relies too heavily on the belief that, when they wrote of the pre-Christian religion(s) of the English, Pope Gregory I (d. 604),

Brides of Christ, royal marriage and the conversion of the English in Bede’s Historia Ecclesiastica

Title Brides of Christ, royal marriage and the conversion of the English in Bede’s Historia Ecclesiastica Author(s) MacCarron, Máirín Publication date 2007 Original citation MacCarron, M. 2007.

Settlement and society in north-east Yorkshire A.D. 400 - 1200

This thesis is a broadly based study of settlement and society in North-East Yorkshire between the end of the Roman period and cl200, when the long-term effects of the Norman Conquest had became

Bibliography for 1983

This bibliography is meant to include all books, articles and significant reviews published in any branch of Anglo-Saxon studies during 1983. It excludes reprints unless they contain new material. It