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Bedrock geology of the Washington quadrangle, Maine

  title={Bedrock geology of the Washington quadrangle, Maine},
  author={West and P David},
Coupling of deformation and reactions during mid‐crustal shear zone development: an in situ frictional–viscous transition
A well preserved strain and reaction gradient records the progressive transformation of a megacrystic Kfs+Cpx+Opx+Bt1±Qtz syenitic pluton to a strongly sheared Kfs+Act+Bt2+Ab+Qtz tectonite within the
SHRIMP U–Pb zircon evidence for age, provenance, and tectonic history of early Paleozoic Ganderian rocks, east-central Maine, USA
SHRIMP U–Pb zircon ages from Ganderia in eastern Maine clarify the ages and provenance of basement units in the Miramichi and St. Croix terranes and of cover rocks in the Fredericton trough and