Bedload transport measurements in the Gilgel Abay River, Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia

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Effects of Dam Construction in the Wang River on Sediment Regimes in the Chao Phraya River Basin

The Wang River is one of the major tributaries of the Chao Phraya River (CPR) system in Thailand as the key riverine sediment source supplying the Chao Phraya Delta that has experienced severe

Did the Construction of the Bhumibol Dam Cause a Dramatic Reduction in Sediment Supply to the Chao Phraya River?

The Bhumibol Dam on Ping River, Thailand, was constructed in 1964 to provide water for irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, flood mitigation, fisheries, and saltwater intrusion control to the

Analysis of Sediment Transport on the Upstream Code River, Indonesia

Purpose: The Code River is one of the pathways from debris flows of Mount Merapi that crosses the centre of Yogyakarta City, Indonesia. Along the Code River, there are densely populated areas, mainly

Field measurements on alluvial watercourses in light of numerical modeling: case studies on the Danube River

A methodology for field measurements on alluvial watercourses in light of numerical modeling that provides minimal data sets with detailed measurements for calibrating numerical models for flow, sediment, and heavy metal transport.



Relationship between bedload and suspended sediment in the sand-bed Exu River, in the semi-arid region of Brazil

Abstract Suspended sediment and bedload discharges in sand-bed rivers shape semi-arid landscapes and impact sediment delivery from these landscapes, but are still incompletely understood. Suspended

Suspended sediment load, bed load, and dissolved load yields from a semiarid drainage basin: A 15‐year study

A 15‐year record for the semiarid upland Eshtemoa catchment provides a basis for estimating the efflux of water, sediment, and solutes in a type of environment for which there is a dearth of

Sediment Transport Monitoring and Short Term Modeling in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

The Okavango Delta of northern Botswana comprises large wetlands that spread over an alluvial fan of 150 km in length. Only part of the fan is covered with wetlands but the repeated shifting of the

Bed load under low sediment transport in a large regulated river : the lower Ebro, NE Spain

This study describes the bed load transport regime observed under low sediment transport conditions and constant discharge in the gravel-bedded lower Ebro River (NE Spain). The data show a tendency

Bed load as a component of sediment yield from a semiarid watershed of the northern Negev

The installation of a fully automatic sediment monitoring station in an ephemeral channel allows the bed load and suspended sediment yields of a dryland stream to be assessed independently using