Bedload transport measurements in the Gilgel Abay River, Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia

  title={Bedload transport measurements in the Gilgel Abay River, Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia},
  author={Hanibal Lemma and Jan Nyssen and Amaury Frankl and Jean Poesen and Enyew Adgo and Paolo Billi},
  journal={Journal of Hydrology},
Abstract Little is known about the contribution of bedload flux to the total sediment load exported from tropical sand-bed rivers. Yet, predicting bedload transport rates contributes to better river management, more appropriate river engineering works design, accurate knowledge of sediment delivery rates, which greatly benefits sediment-related water resources management. Therefore, bedload, suspended load and runoff discharge were measured at the lower Gilgel Abay River in the Blue Nile… 
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  • Environmental Science
  • 2011
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