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Bedbug infestation.

  title={Bedbug infestation.},
  author={James S. Studdiford and Kathryn M Conniff and Kathryn P Trayes and Amber S. Tully},
  journal={American family physician},
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The significant resurgence of bedbugs in the past decade has been attributed to pesticide resistance, more frequent travel, lack of public awareness, and inadequate pest control programs. Bedbugs are obligate blood parasites (insect family Cimicidae). They can withstand a large range of temperatures but are attracted to warmth and carbon dioxide. They typically feed just before dawn. Cutaneous reactions to bedbug bites can include macules, papules, wheals, vesicles, bullae, and nodules. Bites… 
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Arthropod bites.
The phylum Arthropoda includes arachnids and insects, and the two medically important spiders in the United States are widow spiders (Latrodectus) and the brown recluse (Loxosceles), which may cause skin necrosis.
Mite and Bed Bug Infections.
Patients with suspected bites or skin rashes regularly present to their primary care physician, and proper identification of the mite or bed bug is essential to guide treatment and eradication.
The mental health impact of bed bug infestations: a scoping review
Although significant mental health effects are often linked to bed bugs, such discussions remain largely anecdotal, and little empirical evidence currently exists on this topic.
The Role of the Microbiology Laboratory
The microbiology laboratory should produce routine reports for infection prevention and control personnel to make incidence graphs for specific pathogens, antibiotic resistance, wards, and groups of patients.
Association between bed bugs and allergic reactions
To evaluate whether bed bugs are associated with allergic reactions in patients seen in the emergency department (ED), a large number of patients have had a history of bed bug-related allergic reactions.


Bed bugs - What the GP needs to know.
The various clinical consequences of bed bug bites are reviewed and management strategies are outlined, including symptomatic control and symptomatic control.
Arthropods in dermatology.
In general, the diagnosis of arthropod bites and stings is dependent on maintenance of a high index of suspicion and familiarity with theArachnida fauna not only in one's region of practice, but also in the travel regions of one's patients.
Delayed reaction to bed bug bites.
Initial bites of Aedesmosquitoes produced little reaction, but, after repeated bites, a delayed reaction with an inflammatory weal occurs at about 24 hours, and this pattern of reaction has been recognized to occur.
Systemic Immediate Allergic Reactions to Arthropod Stings and Bites
Most of the encounters with biting and stinging insects result in more or less pronounced localized reactions, but systemic reactions to mosquitoes, flies or kissing bugs and exceptional from ticks, bed bugs, moths, caterpillars and spiders are rare.
Diagnosis and management of bedbugs: an emerging U.S. Infestation.
Bedbug infestations are on the rise in the United States among people of all socioeconomic groups and extermination using cleaning techniques and pesticides is necessary to prevent recurrence.
Bedbugs (Cimicidae infestation): the worldwide renaissance of an old partner of human kind
The aim of this article was to alert physicians, especially in Brazil, about this ectoparasitosis, including aspects of the bedbug biology, their parasitism in human host, treatment and prophylaxis.
The Return of the Common Bedbug
A child with a recurrent pruritic eruption of urticarial, erythematous papules on the face, neck, and extremities is described and the etiology of her cutaneous lesions was discovered to be a bedbug infestation in the home.
Investigation of the bedding showed numerous bedbugs and the administration of epinephrine, ephedrine and cold baths caused the wheals and the intense itching that accompanied them to disappear after a few hours.
Arthropods and Human Skin
In his survey of the enormous literature in the entomological, public health and dermatology journals Dr. Alexander has provided an invaluable guide in which the solutions to these clinical mysteries can be sought.
Is infestation with the common bedbug increasing?
It is suggested that bedbugs are becoming more common in the United Kingdom, as specimens from four separate infestations were referred to the Brighton Public Health Laboratory Service from February to October 1999.