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Becoming Indian. Towards an Indian Contextual Ecclesiology.

  title={Becoming Indian. Towards an Indian Contextual Ecclesiology.},
  author={Valle Vijaya Joji Babu},
ed from the persons and the processes of production.” 652 An affirmation of the non-literary forms of knowledge of the subalterns in India “removes the stigma that Hindutva places on the labouring class as non-reflexive communities,” and validates the “human knowledge that arises from the blood and sweat of everyday activity.” 653 649 Felix Wilfred, “Searching for David‟s Sling: Tapping the Local Resources of Hope,” Concilium (2004:5), 85-95. 650 Cf. Kancha Ilaiah, Why I am not a Hindu, 90-101… Expand
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