Becoming Abject: Rape as a Weapon of War

  title={Becoming Abject: Rape as a Weapon of War},
  author={B{\"u}lent Diken and Carsten Bagge Laustsen},
  journal={Body \& Society},
  pages={111 - 128}
Organized rape has been an integral aspect of warfare for a long time even though classics on warfare have predominantly focused on theorizing ‘regular’ warfare, that is, the situations in which one army encounters another in a battle to conquer or defend a territory. Recently, however, much attention has been paid to asymmetric warfare and, accordingly, to phenomena such as guerrilla tactics, terrorism, hostage taking and a range of identity-related aspects of war such as religious… Expand
Should International Relations Consider Rape a Weapon of War?
  • K. Carter
  • Political Science
  • Politics & Gender
  • 2010
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