Beaver pond biogeochemical effects in the Maryland Coastal Plain

  title={Beaver pond biogeochemical effects in the Maryland Coastal Plain},
  author={D. Correll and T. E. Jordan and D. Weller},
  • D. Correll, T. E. Jordan, D. Weller
  • Published 2000
  • Chemistry
  • Biogeochemistry
  • The fluxes and concentrations ofmaterials from two contiguous second-order watershedsin the Coastal Plain of Maryland, U.S.A. were measuredfor six years prior to and six years subsequent to theformation of a 1.25 ha beaver pond near the bottom ofone of the watersheds. The watersheds have a clayaquiclude and were equipped with V-notch weirs andcontinuous volume-integrating water samplers. Thebeaver pond reduced annual discharge of water,total-N, total-P, dissolved silicate, TOC, and TSS by8, 18… CONTINUE READING
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