Beauty as violence: ‘beautiful’ hair and the cultural violence of identity erasure

  title={Beauty as violence: ‘beautiful’ hair and the cultural violence of identity erasure},
  author={Toks Dele Oyedemi},
  journal={Social Identities},
  pages={537 - 553}
  • T. Oyedemi
  • Published 21 March 2016
  • Art
  • Social Identities
ABSTRACT Curious observations of hair and hairstyles worn by many women of Black African descent reveal the triumph of a Eurocentric dominant ideology of beauty. I assert in this study that the process of attaining the hegemonic ideology of ‘beautiful’ hair, often defined as a European and Asian texture and style of hair, is a violent journey. This study draws largely from Johan Galtung's seminal theoretical works on violence, particularly his articulation of cultural violence as a creation of… 

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