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Beauty Standards Reflect Eurocentric Paradigms-So What? Skin Color, Identity, and Black Female Beauty

  title={Beauty Standards Reflect Eurocentric Paradigms-So What? Skin Color, Identity, and Black Female Beauty},
  author={Cynthia L. Robinson-Moore},
Being black affects the way a person walks and talks, his or values, culture, and history, how that person rehtes to others and how they relate to him or her.The Color Complex (Russell, Wilson, and Hall 1992, 62)...I begin to suffer from not being [white] to the degree that [whites] impose discrimination on me, makes me a colonized native, robs me of all worth, all individuality, tells me that I am a parasite on the world, that I must bring myself as quickly as possible into step with the white… Expand
Hair as Race: Why “Good Hair” May Be Bad for Black Females
Critically examining the relationship between race, Black female beauty, and hair texture, this qualitative study used narratives from 38 Black females between the ages of 19 and 81, to determineExpand
Imploding the Racialized and Patriarchal Beauty Myth through the Critical Lens of Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye
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The Miseducation of Irie Jones in Zadie Smith's White Teeth
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The Beauty Ideal: The Effects Of European Standards Of Beauty On Black Women
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The role of appearance stigma in implicit racial ingroup bias
Minority groups who show implicit outgroup preference (African Americans, the elderly, and the overweight) are also likely to suffer from appearance stigma (for deviating from cultural aestheticExpand
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Racial Awareness and the Politics in Play: Preschoolers and Racially Diverse Dolls in a US Classroom
  • T. Sturdivant
  • Psychology
  • International Journal of Early Childhood
  • 2021
The development of racial awareness begins in infancy, continues throughout early childhood, and can shape play behaviors. The present study is a case study in a US pre-kindergarten classroom. TheExpand
Sexy, Thin, and White: The Intersection of Sexualization, Body Type, and Race on Stereotypes about Women
Media images often present one idealized type of woman: she is thin, sexualized, and White. Although research has shown that there are stereotypes associated with sexualized women, known research hasExpand
“It’s not something I can shake”: The Effect of Racial Stereotypes, Beauty Standards, and Sexual Racism on Interracial Attraction
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The effect of hairstyle on the perceptions of black women’s personality and earning potential
Take Home Messages Warmth Similar Across Conditions The current study addressed a gap in the literature by examining if a black woman’s hairstyle impacted perceptions of her personality and earningExpand