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Beams with propagation-invariant transverse polarization pattern

  title={Beams with propagation-invariant transverse polarization pattern},
  author={Juan Carlos Gonzalez de Sande and Gemma Piquero and Juan Carlos Su'arez-Bermejo and Massimo Santarsiero},
A wide class of nonuniformly totally polarized beams is introduced that preserve their transverse polarization pattern during paraxial propagation. They are obtained as suitable combinations of Gaussian modes and find applications in polarimetric techniques that use a single input beam for the determination of the Mueller matrix of a homogeneous sample. The class also includes beams that present all possible polarization states across their transverse section (Full-Poincaré beams). An example… 
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  • E. Wolf
  • Physics, Mathematics
    Optics letters
  • 2007
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