Beamforming Through Regularized Inverse Problems in Ultrasound Medical Imaging.

  title={Beamforming Through Regularized Inverse Problems in Ultrasound Medical Imaging.},
  author={Teodora Szasz and Adrian Basarab and Denis Kouame},
  journal={IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control},
  volume={63 12},
Beamforming (BF) in ultrasound (US) imaging has significant impact on the quality of the final image, controlling its resolution and contrast. Despite its low spatial resolution and contrast, delay-and-sum (DAS) is still extensively used nowadays in clinical applications, due to its real-time capabilities. The most common alternatives are minimum variance (MV) method and its variants, which overcome the drawbacks of DAS, at the cost of higher computational complexity that limits its utilization… CONTINUE READING
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