Beamforming-Enhanced Inverse Scattering for Microwave Breast Imaging

  title={Beamforming-Enhanced Inverse Scattering for Microwave Breast Imaging},
  author={M. Burfeindt and J. D. Shea and B. V. Van Veen and S. Hagness},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation},
We present a focal-beamforming-enhanced formulation of the distorted Born iterative method (DBIM) for microwave breast imaging. Incorporating beamforming into the imaging algorithm has the potential to mitigate the effect of noise on the image reconstruction. We apply the focal-beamforming-enhanced DBIM algorithm to simulated array measurements from two MRI-derived, anatomically realistic numerical breast phantoms and compare its performance to that of the DBIM formulated with two non-focal… Expand
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