Beam test evaluation of electromagnetic calorimeter modules made from proton-damaged PbWO4 crystals

  title={Beam test evaluation of electromagnetic calorimeter modules made from proton-damaged PbWO4 crystals},
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The performance of electromagnetic calorimeter modules made of proton-irradiated PbWO_4 crystals has been studied in beam tests. The modules, similar to those used in the Endcaps of the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL), were formed from 5×5 matrices of PbWO_4 crystals, which had previously been exposed to 24 GeV protons up to integrated fluences between 2.1× 10^(13) and 1.3× 10^(14) cm^(−2). These correspond to the predicted charged-hadron fluences in the ECAL Endcaps at pseudorapidity… CONTINUE READING