Beak and feather disease virus and porcine circovirus genomes: intermediates between the geminiviruses and plant circoviruses

  title={Beak and feather disease virus and porcine circovirus genomes: intermediates between the geminiviruses and plant circoviruses},
  author={F. Niagro and A. N. Forsthoefel and R. Lawther and L. Kamalanathan and B. Ritchie and K. Latimer and P. D. Lukert},
  journal={Archives of Virology},
  • F. Niagro, A. N. Forsthoefel, +4 authors P. D. Lukert
  • Published 1998
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Archives of Virology
  • SummaryCircoviruses are a diverse group of animal and plant pathogens with undefined relationships to one another but for their non-geminate, non-enveloped capsids and circular, single-stranded DNA genomes. The sequences of the beak and feather disease virus and porcine circovirus genomic DNAs are presented and analyzed in the context of the other members of the family. Sequence comparisons, inferred phylogenies, and geographic occurrence suggest that the ambisense circoviruses, particularly… CONTINUE READING
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