Bcl-w protects hippocampus during experimental status epilepticus.

  title={Bcl-w protects hippocampus during experimental status epilepticus.},
  author={Brona M. Murphy and Mark Dunleavy and Sachiko Shinoda and Clara Kay Schindler and Robert Meller and Carmen Bellver-Estell{\'e}s and Seiji Hatazaki and Patrick Dicker and Akitaka Yamamoto and Ina Koegel and Xiangping Chu and Weizhen Wang and Zhigang Xiong and Jochen H. M. Prehn and Roger Simon and David C. Henshall},
  journal={The American journal of pathology},
  volume={171 4},
Experimentally evoked seizures can activate the intrinsic mitochondrial cell death pathway, components of which are modulated in the hippocampus of patients with temporal lobe epilepsy. Bcl-2 family proteins are critical regulators of mitochondrial dysfunction, but their significance in this setting remains primarily untested. Presently, we investigated the mitochondrial pathway and role of anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 proteins using a mouse model of seizure-induced neuronal death. Status epilepticus… CONTINUE READING
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