Bcl-2 and p53: role in dopamine-induced apoptosis and differentiation.

  title={Bcl-2 and p53: role in dopamine-induced apoptosis and differentiation.},
  author={Shay Porat and Rabi Simantov},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
The fate of a neuron in the developing brain to multiply, differentiate, or die in an apoptotic manner depends on the expression of genes that are involved in regulating the cell cycle. Recent studies determined the involvement of several genes, including cyclin A and B2, in dopamine-induced apoptosis in cultured chick sympathetic neurons. Another gene that plays a role in apoptosis and differentiation of neurons, oligodendrocytes and PC12 cells is p53. It is also known that DNA damage… CONTINUE READING


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