Bayesian wavelet-packet historical functional linear models

  title={Bayesian wavelet-packet historical functional linear models},
  author={Mark J Meyer and Elizabeth J. Malloy and B. Coull},
  journal={Stat. Comput.},
Historical Functional Linear Models (HFLM) quantify associations between a functional predictor and functional outcome where the predictor is an exposure variable that occurs before, or at least concurrently with, the outcome. Current work on the HFLM is largely limited to frequentist estimation techniques that employ spline-based basis representations. In this work, we propose a novel use of the discrete wavelet-packet transformation, which has not previously been used in functional models, to… 


Wavelet-based functional linear mixed models: an application to measurement error-corrected distributed lag models.
Wavelet-based linear mixed distributed lag models that incorporate repeated measures of functional data as covariates into a linear mixed model are developed that fully control for the effects of confounding by other time-varying predictors, such as temperature and co-pollutants.
Wavelet-based functional mixed models.
New methodology is presented that generalizes the linear mixed model to the functional mixed model framework, with model fitting done by using a Bayesian wavelet-based approach, which is flexible, allowing functions of arbitrary form and the full range of fixed effects structures and between-curve covariance structures that are available in the Mixed model framework.
Bayesian function-on-function regression for multilevel functional data.
This work proposes a general function-on-function regression model for repeatedly sampled functional data on a fine grid, presenting a simple model as well as a more extensive mixed model framework, and introducing various functional Bayesian inferential procedures that account for multiple testing.
Penalized solutions to functional regression problems
The new estimation procedure applied to the analysis of the effects of occupational particulate matter exposure on the heart rate variability (HRV) in a cohort of boilermaker workers suggests that the strongest association between PM exposure and HRV in these workers occurs as a result of point exposures to the increased levels of particulate Matter corresponding to smoking breaks.
Recent History Functional Linear Models for Sparse Longitudinal Data.
We consider the recent history functional linear models, relating a longitudinal response to a longitudinal predictor where the predictor process only in a sliding window into the recent past has an
Additive Function-on-Function Regression
  • Janet S. Kim, A. Staicu, A. Maity, R. Carroll, David Ruppert
  • Mathematics, Medicine
    Journal of computational and graphical statistics : a joint publication of American Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Interface Foundation of North America
  • 2018
A computationally efficient estimation methodology based on a novel combination of spline bases with an eigenbasis to represent the trivariate kernel function is developed to study additive function-on-function regression.
The historical functional linear model
The authors develop a functional linear model in which the values at time t of a sample of curves yi (t) are explained in a feed-forward sense by the values of covariate curves xi(s) observed at
Boosting flexible functional regression models with a high number of functional historical effects
A general framework for regression models with functional response containing a potentially large number of flexible effects of functional and scalar covariates is proposed, motivated by biotechnological data on Escherichia coli fermentations, but cover a much broader model class.
Robust, Adaptive Functional Regression in Functional Mixed Model Framework
This article introduces a new Bayesian method, robust functional mixed models (R-FMM), for performing robust functional regression within the general functional mixed model framework, which includes multiple continuous or categorical predictors and random effect functions accommodating potential between-function correlation induced by the experimental design.
Functional Additive Mixed Models
  • F. Scheipl, A. Staicu, S. Greven
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Journal of computational and graphical statistics : a joint publication of American Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Interface Foundation of North America
  • 2015
We propose an extensive framework for additive regression models for correlated functional responses, allowing for multiple partially nested or crossed functional random effects with flexible