Bayesian network analysis of targeting interactions in chromatin.

  title={Bayesian network analysis of targeting interactions in chromatin.},
  author={Bas van Steensel and Ulrich Braunschweig and Guillaume J. Filion and Menzies Chen and Joke Gerarda van Bemmel and Trey Ideker},
  journal={Genome research},
  volume={20 2},
In eukaryotes, many chromatin proteins together regulate gene expression. Chromatin proteins often direct the genomic binding pattern of other chromatin proteins, for example, by recruitment or competition mechanisms. The network of such targeting interactions in chromatin is complex and still poorly understood. Based on genome-wide binding maps, we constructed a Bayesian network model of the targeting interactions among a broad set of 43 chromatin components in Drosophila cells. This model… CONTINUE READING