Bayesian analyses of admixture in wild and domestic cats (Felis silvestris) using linked microsatellite loci

  title={Bayesian analyses of admixture in wild and domestic cats (Felis silvestris) using linked microsatellite loci},
  author={R. Lecis and M. Pierpaoli and Z. S. Bir{\`o} and L. Szemethy and B. Ragni and F. Vercillo and E. Randi},
  journal={Molecular Ecology},
  • R. Lecis, M. Pierpaoli, +4 authors E. Randi
  • Published 2006
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Molecular Ecology
  • Methods recently developed to infer population structure and admixture mostly use individual genotypes described by unlinked neutral markers. However, Hardy–Weinberg and linkage disequilibria among independent markers decline rapidly with admixture time, and the admixture signals could be lost in a few generations. In this study, we aimed to describe genetic admixture in 182 European wild and domestic cats (Felis silvestris), which hybridize sporadically in Italy and extensively in Hungary… CONTINUE READING
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